Pharmacy Regulation Authority SA

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Pharmacy Regulation Authority SA

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The Pharmacy Regulation Authority (SA) is established by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (South Australia) Act 2010 and has responsibility  for the handling of disciplinary proceedings under the Act.

A notification of complaint will trigger an investigation, conducted by the General Manager who will conduct the investigation in the public interest.  This  means that the General Manager will make decisions about how the investigation is best conducted and what action should be taken.  The Authority aims to  ensure that everyone involved is treated fairly, understands the investigation process and is kept informed of the progress of the investigation.

1. Upon receipt, the notification will be assessed to determine whether the alleged conduct falls within the jurisdiction of the Authority or another review body such as the Pharmacy Board of Australia or the Health & Community Services Complaints Commissioner (‘HCSCC’)

2. A copy of the notification, or in some cases a summary, will be sent to the pharmacist requesting a response within fourteen days

3. The notification and pharmacist’s response will be considered by the Authority who will for the purpose of hearing and determining proceedings be constituted of three members.   These members will include a legal practitioner appointed by the Minister for Health.  Recommendations will then be made to the General Manager

4. If the recommendation is that the notification be investigated further, it may be recommended that the General Manager

     -- require the production of relevant records;

     -- arrange for the pharmacist and/or other witnesses to be interviewed;

     -- request that the pharmacist’s performance be assessed; and

     -- seek legal advice where necessary

5. At the conclusion of the further investigation, the Authority may recommend to the General Manager that:

     -- disciplinary action be taken against the premises, company or trust; or

     -- there are insufficient grounds to proceed and to seek resolution by informal means.

Complainants will be notified at the conclusion of the investigation of the action the Authority has taken in response to the complaint.  The Authority has  found that straightforward complaints are usually finalised in less than three to six weeks; complicated matters, a little longer.

If you wish to obtain further information at any time after a complaint has been acknowledged, please ring the office on (08) 8267 6218.